Clinical handover: verbal transcription to information

Clinical handover: verbal transcription to information

Posted Friday, 21 March 2014


NICTA, University of Western Sydney, Centre for Applied Nursing Research, Cerner, Tele-health Research Laboratory, MARCS Institute, NSW Health Clinical Excellence Commission, University of Wollongong, Monash University, University of Melbourne 


Develop a nurse handover informations system that takes text and outputs classified as clinical text, according to a given documentation model for integration into existing clinical information systems. The system cascades automated techniques to standardise the input text with respect to controlled thesauri and structure is in accordance with the documentation model.


Nursing handover is dominated by manual recording of verbal interactions. current practice risks losing (or miss-reporting) information and creates duplication of effort (inefficiencies). An automated text processing system of verbal transcriptions, addresses both these issues.


Publications, white papers, software system. Demo available online


Current feasibility study completed. Project seeking adoption partners

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