Mobile delivery of healthcare

Mobile delivery of healthcare

Posted Thursday, 20 March 2014

NICTA, University of Canberra, Ochre Health, ACT Health


In collaboration with clinical researchers and student clinicians, we are developing a model for remote patient interaction focused on BYOD (bring your own device). Involving local and student clinicians and remote supervisors, patients will be provided with wireless tablets for remote healthcare delivery. The technology approach is a secure communication service with remote access to tablet devices at no charge for tablet users.


Although tele-health is well understood as a technology, it is not well established as a clear business case for general community health delivery. This deployment of off-the-shelf technologies will demonstrate the delivery of high quality care to patients where they wish to receive it. this demonstration will highlight the combination of broadband access and community care delivery.


 Grant proposal submitted, business case under development, clinical study, software evaluation.


The project is investigating how digital techonlogies can be used to help type 2 Diabetes patients in managing their health. Since the commencement of the project in April, we have held several workshops with the GPs, nurses and dietitian at the GP Super Clinic. We currently have 28 patients participating in the 10 month mobile health pilot program. Whilst we've already obtained some interesting results, we are looking forward to collecting our first patient dataset in the end of October when we conduct our first online survey. 

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