Get Involved

Get Involved

Want to contribute to the future of healthcare delivery? Join us! We want to expand our network so that all aspects of ICT in the healthcare industry are covered.

more members = more innovation = more improvements in healthcare delivery

By joining The Lab you are demonstrating your commitment to improving healthcare delivery on a local, national and international level. The extent of your involvement is up to you. We’ll keep you posted on all our research activities, as well as available (external) grants, industry news and events, and publications. We’ll facilitate contact between members so that projects can be developed and the network can be strengthened. We’ll showcase your interests and strengths in the healthcare industry so that others can work with you on complimentary projects. 

Once you sign up using our membership form below, our team will contact you to discuss how you'd like to get involved. We'll talk about your areas of expertise, research interests, and any innovative ideas you have to improve healthcare delivery. Together, we'll develop a company profile to feature on our website and in our demonstration space.

The Lab aims to actively engage all our collaborators, if you're unsure about how collaboration within The Lab works, please get in touch 

The benefits of The Lab are outlined here


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